Welcome to

19th World ARDF


Republic of Korea, September, 2018

Welcome to the 19th IARU World ARDF Championships

15th March 2017

The Korean Amateur Radio League(KARL) is honored to invite ARDF teams, individual competitors and visitors as well as guests from all over the world to the 19th World ARDF Championships that are to be held in Korea in September 2018.

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사진 찍은 날짜: 2017년 03월 07일 오후 4:03We decided this prestigious event being held in early September 2018 at a town in Gangwon Province where 그림입니다.
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프로그램 이름 : Adobe ImageReadythe Pyeong Chang 2018 Olympic Winter Games are scheduled to open. This is the place where many people go on a holiday, has good terrain suitable for ARDF games and is also surrounded by lovely mountains and sea. It takes about 3 hours to drive from the Incheon/Seoul International Airport.

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원본 그림의 크기: 가로 1139pixel, 세로 258pixel Early September in Korea, with average temperature around 25C(77⁰F) along with crisp blue skies and many clear days, is the best season that fits for outdoor activities like ARDF games. We are confident that all of the competitors will be able to demonstrate their best performances.


We will do our best and believe both competitors and guests will never forget their good memories in Korea. We will respect and observe the well-established rules, regulations and practices of international games.

Thank you

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                                              HL2AGG Mr. Jung-hoon, Han

          Chairman, 19th IARU World ARDF Championships Organizing Committee


Mail : C.P.O. Box 162, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Phone : +82+2+575+9580

Fax   : +82+2+576+8574

e-mail : ardf2018@ardf2018.com or ardf2018@hanmail.net

web site : www.ardf2018.com or www.ardf2018.kr